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Our Mission

The mission of the El Monte City School District’s (EMCSD) Jeff Seymour Family Center (JSFC) is to unite the county and community to strengthen individual, family, and neighborhood protective factors by increasing social connectedness, community mobilization, and access to needed supports and services.
Our Vision
The JSFC acts as a community-gathering place creating opportunity for caring adults and community members to provide support and nurturing for children and their families.
Our Center offers a blend of services, supports, and opportunities. The strategy for developing this blend requires that family members and Center staff work together in a mutually respectful partnership. This reciprocal relationship between Center participants and staff, ensures community engagement, sustains family development, promotes a sense of belonging and significance and builds on natural abilities thus strengthening families and community.
We strive to

JSFC provides an integrated series of services, activities, trainings and relationships that benefit children from birth into adulthood as well as their parents and caregivers. Many participating agencies already provide services to families with children, but lack the connectivity between service agencies that often inhibits the overall ability to address complex issues identified within our community.

One of our primary goals is the JSFC’s service delivery approach which allows children and families to have many of their needs identified and linked at the point of entry. Upon intake, children and families are then guided through a system of comprehensive care to requested services, several of which are co-located within JSFC site.